AC Lightship Voyage


The following is a collection of the many unique Voyage Recalls sent to us by people from all over the world who have undertaken this Lightship meditation. Please enjoy the experiences . . .


Met other voyagers 


I had some trouble visualizing one of the symbols, so I finally decided to go with my usual way of getting to the ship, i.e. a portal. Well, that came easy enough. I remember first getting to the ship. Sananda and Ashtar were there to greet me, and I gave them both a big hug. For some unknown reason, I "asked" Ashtar if I could hug him. He looked at me very quizzically then laughed. "Of course!", he told me "but why ask?'ve hugged me so many times before!" They then presented me with a nice "surprise", which entailed the meeting of someone on our list whom I had very much hoped to meet while on the voyage. They already had him waiting "in the wings", and pulled him forward for our introduction. When we hugged each other, and I smelled his after-shave, I then realized that I was experiencing this in "realtime". I turned, at this point, and looked behind me. There I could see the portal I had just come through. We turned and followed Ashtar and Sananda into the central portion of the room. I looked up and could see a crystal dome, so I knew this was Level 12 of the ship. I looked straight across the large room and saw a very tall "blue" being in a corner talking to some other people. He was probably 9-10 feet high (3-4 m.), medium-blue skin (no hair), and looked a lot like the aliens in "Close Encounters". Even though his appearance was not what we are used to, I could feel a definite vibration of love emanating from him. I then looked over to the far right, next to the "cockpit" area, and saw two people from our list looking into a large screen which was embeded into a tabletop. They were looking, I think, at a view back to earth. Even though I had never seen them before, I "knew" it was EaTrom and Diane.

That is all I remembered in "realtime", however, later in the day while doing some mundane 3D work, I suddenly had a very vivid picture flash into my mind of Sananda standing at the head of a long wooden table. Around the table were about 12 people. Sananda was giving a toast, and holding up a champagne glass filled with some sort of "golden-colored" liquid.

The next night I decided to go to the ship again. I really didn't know what to expect..... an "instant replay, perhaps? Well, I found myself inside a museum which held a replica of every type Being ever created. I was met by Haaton, but don't know if it was his ship or not. I would assume so. Anway, I'm pretty sure this was another "3-D" experience, because there seems to be little "clues". On the first trip, it was a "smell", and on this trip, I put my hand in a tank of wate (presumably holding fish). I can still feel the water on my hand! Anyway, feeling the water caused me to remember that what I had wanted to do while on the ship was interact with the dolphins. I asked Haaton if I could do this, and he escorted me to a "doorway" of sorts, that opened out onto a beach. I took my clothes off, only to discover I already had a swim suit on under them, then went into the "ocean" waist-deep and met two dolphins.... mother and calf. This is the second time I have gotten to swim with dolphins, and it is a most extraordinary experience. Putting my arms around them and petting them was a very vivid feeling. Hopefully, I remember more and more as time goes by.


AMAZING UPDATE ! : I wanted to pass on what might be a 'validation' of The Voyage experience to others who are maybe doubting their memory of it.  In my account that I wrote, I mentioned that I remembered seeing two people from the AC list onboard, looking at some sort of screen which showed earth. Even though I had never met either of these people in person, I knew immediately who they were.  One of these people is Diana, our "dolphine-lover".  She also (attended Alton's) workshop in Sedona, and we had, prior to coming, planned to meet.  Well, I saw her walk in the conference . . .and knew who she was immediately. She looked exactly as I had seen her on the ship!  So I hope everyone who went on the voyage will realise that 'what' and 'who' they saw on the voyage was, indeed, real and look just as they saw them onboard.

Group voyage

This morning our group of seven made the Pioneer Voyage II. It was a joyful and deeply spiritual experience. I was able to share part of Korton's message via your channelled tape which set the stage beautifully. We have experienced no recall of ship-board remembrances as yet but all of us felt and saw the cone of light and experienced great heaviness of our bodies. Our usual Monday meditations last about 30 minutes. We were all shocked to learn that our Voyage meditation lasted for an hour and ten minutes. As memories surface we will get to you with these at a later date.

Meanwhile, our warmest thanks to you for making this material available to us via the net. As well Ashtar and the Command must be very pleased and proud of your efforts. Have a blessed and peaceful week and be assurred of our loving thoughts. I'll be in touch again in future. It's been a wonderful day.

Love and light, Mary per the Macgregor Light Link

Report from Austria

I wasn't sure to be in the position to make the journey one of these "window days", so I decided to make the meditation some days before when a friend of us came. He, Matthias, wanted to make the voayge, too. He was prepared. He had gotten copies of the newsletters from me before. However, afterwards it turned out it would be possible for me, too, to travel on Dec. 8th. So I'm perhaps the only person who did the same voyage with two different starts. The second travel occurred in a group of six people.

Report from first experience:

Both of us were well prepared. However, Matthias had problems to visualize the portal. He tried to see it very clearly, and his attempt failed. This is not typical of Matthias, who is a very telepathic person and is able to read akasha information without effort. But this journey - it didn't want to work. On the other hand - ME, I had problems to imagine the portal clearly before my inner eye, but my desire to get on the Ship was so great that this desire was much stronger than any blockade - I slipped trough the gate and felt like a cosmic being, felt like in outer space, felt formless, extremely happy, tears ran from my eyes. I had the feeling I had stepped out from our material universe into a universe of emotions.  A Santinian woman who is in correspondence with me asked me to give her greetings to her Santinian Father Ashtar, and I had the impression I fulfilled her wish. The most curious thing happened when I decided to go back. I knew on physical plane I had to take my children home from their grandparents, so my time for the voyage was limited (and I suppose the timing was perfect presumably because in simultanean time I knew I would continue my voyage on Dec. 8th). But I had difficulties to go back. I was bathing in all this bliss and beauty, felt that I received a lot of information, and I thought: "How can I slip through the gate again?" After longer deliberation I found as "password" - "Kingdom on Earth" - three words from Tuella's prayer. They made me go back to Earth where my service for this Kingdom on Earth was to be continued. Back in 3D-reality, I had the feeling I had been really far out, that I had experienced a deep change in my personality. I felt so very peaceful and clear. Sitting in the car (on my way to back the children), I realized my reality was completely different. Was it like after a long journey, after a long vacation, after an extremely deep meditation? - I felt absolutey cosmic, sitting in my car, still feeling like some space being. This beautiful feeling lasted for days.

No conscious recall since. (I have not been striving for it, I'll meditate upon it during Christmas holidays.)

Matthias and my husband joked, "You were out in space, you left the portal, but the ship wasn't there yet."

Report from my second experience (Dec. 8th):

There were six people:

Sylvia, owner of a light center (seminar center), healer, friend of mine, workinmg with crystals in all former incarnations she remembers Matthias (again), friend, multiple parachuting champion (in earlier years), now rapid spiritual development, a lot of traveling to spiritual places around the world, teachings, aura readings Wujoe (nickname, real name Josef) - teacher, monochord player Conny and Suzie, a couple, friends of Sylvia who are preparing themselves for the 21-day-process (living on light), and Lygia

My second experience: Similar to the first one, appearing like "second part of the voyage" - giving me clarity about the fact I was not "out in space" in my first voyage, had the same cosmic feeling on my second Voyage. I wasn't that moved, and I had some vision of complicated technical constructions, appearing like large ships, and I was out in space, like an observer watching the construction of these metallic elements.

For the rest of the crew it was fully evident that they did a real voyage, too:

Suzie was deeply moved and happy - she received a message from her space brothers and sisters she was never alone and will never be alone - they are with her.

Conny felt very far away, he remembered howw he left the portal and how he came back, he cannot remember any detail.

Wujoe, the musician, used a trick to stabilize the portal to be able to pass it, out there he was accompanied by guitar music, rest cannot be remembered yet.

Matthias succeeded this time. He was in deepest meditation - and the rest of us had to wait quite a while till he opened his eyes. He confirmed my first report to him - his experience was simliar, also mainly the impression of emotions - like being in a universe of emotions. He compared this experience with an experience he had with Ayahuasca, a Latin American drug potage. Ayahuasca gave him pictures, this voyage gave him emotions of an enourmous intensity - and it was absolutely real. He was almost spellbound. He had the impression he was led to a shell representing the bordeline between dimensions. It felt as if dimensions were but a little step.

For Sylvia, the voyage was the most blissful experience of all of us six:

She received very clear informations, so many of them she knew she couldn't start talking, not even thinking about all of them, but it would take her weeks and months to integrate them into her everyday life. Over and over again she expressed her gratitude for this great gift as she was aware that these teaching were extremely precious for her further development.

Everybody of us felt extremely tired. After the voyage we understood the advise to be careful using candlelight etc. The meditation was really deep and long lasting. After exchanging our impressions, everybody wanted to take a sleep as soon as possible. Without further talking, we said goodbye and good night.

We had the impression we received this portal and travel information in order to make use of it ore often - to learn to make trips between 3rd and 5th dimension. We asked for permission and received clear OKs.

Of course I'm ready to share my experience with the other "crew members" - if you want and in any way you like. You can cut my report as you like and please do correct my mistakes (language).

Hope you're fine! Looking forward to your news.

Love, light and joy, Lygia

Huge auditorium

I woke up the 7th of Dec and noticed that I did not feel all there. This feeling of not being totally here on earth persisted the whole day. Continuous grounding did not help. Soon I realized after a bit that I must be on the voyage so I relaxed and opened up to whatever pictures I could get.

I saw myself dematerializing and rematerializing on the ship, sort of like the golden energy in the transporter room on Star Trek. I was met by Ashtar. I was led to a huge auditorium and was seated with a lot of others and Ashtar spoke to us. I was then led to where I would sleep--it was a room with bunk- like beds, or the type that are on trains. I was introduced to my roomate, named Shateira.

I asked them to integrate all the energies into all my bodies, so I was led to a healing capsule which I got in and in which they worked on me. I also was allowed to sit in the Ascension Seat.

I feel I had some lectures/lessons I listened to, sort of like being in advanced school. I think we also were briefed on the upcoming earth events and how we could fit in. But I don't remember any particulars yet.

I saw a friend who worked on the ship whom I had met before in one of my meditations. He was seated at a console along one of the sides of the mission control room. His name was Bashar. I sat down and talked with him and the being next to him.

My energies have been high since the trip. I did feel exhausted for several days after the trip. I feel like I've been back since then for lessons and energy corrections.


Meeting with Ashtar

I did have a real time consiousness experince where I heard a deep voice talk to me but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

I did do the concsioness recall, and I saw us all siting, around a round table and all the masters where there eg Jesus and Ashtar and they had a holographic image in the centre of the table and this was our first meeting as soon as we got on the ship, There was MerKABA in the middle and Ashtar was showing how his ship worked and how it was controlled and the shape of the internall dimensions. It was quite spectalular the recall and only lasted for a short time I will meditate again, when i get time


Hieroglyphs of origins

I remember being on the ship as it came into this solar system. I was on the upper observation deck as we rounded Jupiter, and remember watching us swing around it's lower left side with awe and appreciation of it's beauty. The ship was round with a passageway that ran around it like a torus, the walls of which were filled with the characters (like hieroglyphics) of the history of our species and our origin. I felt great pride just putting my hands on the walls and knowing the history of our people, and my place and heritage in it.

We were beamed down onto the planet, but some of us were drown since Tube 5 was flooded (I suspect it was one of the chambers under the Sphinx). We agreed to and have been incarnating on this planet ever since, with the intention of uplifting the vibration of the planet and awakening the people who were trapped here with no knowledge of who they were, or their divine origin. While we were altered in order to not disturb the balance on the planet, we have been striving ever since to take our slave trained population and assist them to finding their highest and best good inside themselves. We tried to do it quick and dirty in Atlantis, and with disasterous results of too much power in too many inappropriate hands. Now we often reject our personal power since we don't want to repeat that monumental error.

Love and Light; Mondra

Many encounters

I (Kash'on) have not had any sort of recollection at all, but I felt the tingeling sensation when they "scanned" us. I also felt that I made it through the symbol, but that's where I "blacked out". However Elisabeth had quite an experience. We used about 45 minutes all in all from start to finish, although Mino felt it to be shorter (and I was sleeping LOL).

Elisabeth (Mino): My Voyage experience was a real-time experience as I did not "black out" at any point, but it came in form of separate events, which means that everything does not continue sequentially, but rather jumps from one experience to the other: 

I began my journey by pre-recording the directives given by Ashtar onto a tape, and I found it easy to follow through. I could sense the energies scanning and purifying my body and I felt very heavy towards the end of it, but as I had to turn off the tape just before I entered the portal, I "lost" my concentration and found it very difficult to enter the portal. After a couple of attempts I finally managed to come through. At first I could not see anything. Then gradually, I could see a room emerging and I was inside a great hall. It was enormous and filled with white light. The floor and walls/ceiling was all white and it seemed to be shaped like a dome. There to greet me was Sananda and Janisel, and I was given a nice hug from both of them. There seemed to be no one else around at that time.

Janisel talked to me first, and was the first to mention the main message that I was given on this journey. She mentioned something about a part of my mission in life and focused on my hands talking about love and healing as she held them. Just after, while I stood there, I looked around and could see my fiancé Kjetil (Kash'on) who took the journey together with me at the other side of the hall talking to Archangel Michael. His brother Truls (Kard'ahn) suddenly appeared and greeted me with a hug. I didn&rsqu;yt speak to any of them. While I stood next to Janisel the Virgin Mary came towards me. No one told me who she was, I just knew. Again, my hands seemed to be in focus. With lovely warm hands Virgin Mary held my hands and gave me images of how my healing energies and my love would reach out into my surroundings. She showed me holding and caressing babies. Then how I embrace my nieces and nephews. Then an image of me gently stroking my fiancé. The last images was of me petting animals such as dogs and horses and towards the end an image of me purposely healing and massaging people. She then told me how my hands will send out the love and light that is within me, and that it will happen even if I don&rsqu;yt try to do it. During this communication I felt very strong and warm energies concentrated in my hands, and they became particularly heavy against the floor.

Virgin Mary then left and I entered another room to the left, which was a garden of some sort. In this garden I got a sensation of very light and lovely energies. The plantation was concentrated in large squares and I could also see small ponds. What happened next seems very surreal and sounds like something out of Star Trek. Walking towards one of these ponds I suddenly felt that there was a conscious presence in the pond and that it was communicating/linking with me. I very strongly felt the link in my solar plexus or even stomach area, and I almost felt like I had something within my physical body that it was communicating with. Apart from this link, which I cold also feel in my physical body, I did not get any messages (It could almost be described like the relationship between Dax, the Trill in Star Trek, and her symbiant). I then left and got back into the great hall where I could see both Kard'ahn and Kash'on dressed in white robes.

Outside I met Janisel again and felt a form of bond between us, she suddenly appeared before me in her pure energetic body. She looked amazing. I then also somehow raised my vibrations and became pure energy. Next to me was Kash'on who also was pure energy, and we merged for a short moment, which was a wonderful sensation. This part of my journey is vague, as it is hard to describe in words.

After this I then went back to Sananda who confirmed the message that I was given by both Janisel and the Virgin Mary. He held my hands in his and I remember being amazed by his hands. They were lovely and warm and very big with long fingers. As we stood there we suddenly looked out of the ship and down to the earth. Sananda showed me images/snapshots of the earth. Some picturing a small flower and its perfection or simply a grain of grass in its details and he made me se the wonders of these parts of our creation. He then showed me other such positive images and contrasted them with war and hungry children. He explained to me how we have managed to increase the level of light and love on this earth, but that we still have some distance to cover.

Before I left the ship I remember passing a "control" room and got the sensation that this ship was not run by consoles or computers, but rather by thought.

Looking back I believe some of these images are symbolic, but I haven't yet managed to interpret what they mean for me yet.

With Light and Love, Mino & Kash'on 

Detailed recollection

On the first day of the Voyage, a friend and I gathered at my home to journey together and synchronized our lift off with another friend. We spoke our invocations via speaker phone and took our respective locations. This was a sacred event and was treated with reverence, ritual and absolute joy. I laid upon my daughter's bed and quickly felt an intense light penetrate my body. It appeared to be scanning me slowly and curious one that I am I asked my "head pendulum" whether the process was completed and it was not. I felt my heart beat quickening and my entire body vibrating. I kept thinking, "Fax me up Ashtar...".

I utilized the 2nd symbol and visualized the violet background so it was as if I went through the Violet Flame Vortex. I remember being taken up through the bottom of the ship and felt the mist of a fragile rainbow lightbeam. I saw the Ashtar Command symbol of the A with the wings only it was gold with red. Aboard ship I remember walking down a walkway like going to the gate of an airport and I remember specifically one blue/gray being who was kind of like a cross between the tin man from the Wizard of OZ, a humanoid and a bit of a robot only his beautiful face was filled with such compassion and his eyes were completely radiating unconditional love that my heart melted. I remember being in a very large room and a very dynamic, profiled man went by. I was more aware of his light hair swept back in a kind of ponytail and a very strong Roman type face than his actual body; he was intense. He swept past me and I thought "This must be the Boss-kind of like a corporate CEO"...later I checked and it was the very first picture of Ashtar in the picture gallery.

I remember going back and forth between "realities" and being very aware of my body in the bed which started to ache in the lower back area. I was not sure if I had been given a healing or because I had activated several very powerful clearing processes for others before starting the journey. I remember going back aboard ship and seeing tall members of the Ashtar Command with the characteristic headdress greeting those of us who were entering the ship. I probably should back up and tell you that Sananda was very present with me for this journey as was Sai Baba, Maitreya, Yahweh and Gabriel. One of the most wonderful and powerful memories I had was of meeting Soltec's higher aspect, Commander Soltec in a meeting room. He looked exactly like the photo also in the picture gallery except far more radiant and handsome, friendly and engaging. It was difficult to leave and I found myself wanting to hang around and be in his energy. He welcomed me and I felt that we knew eachother quite well. During this entire journey neighboring dogs barked, garbage trucks clanged cans, trucks of all kinds, horns and almost every imaginable external disruption took place outside, quite much for 10 am Monday morning.

I finally could not bear the excruciating back pain and went out into my living room where my friend was so that I could return to the Voyage from my recliner. My friend opened her eyes and was brightly "back", unlike myself. I became very distressed by the conversation as I was clearly still aboard ship and finally requested my privacy so she left. About 40 minutes later I was informed by telephone by my other journey friend that she saw me aboard ship in what was described as a huge hair styling salon of sorts. We were on those styling chairs in front of mirrors. Behind me was my twin flame, Alief, and behind her was her's, Andromeda Rex. She said we all hugged and that Alief and I were so happy and he was so glad to have me aboard (he is not in human form at this time). That proves the point that we can and do exist in two or more places at once.

I was so let down by my coming back too soon (or perhaps at all) that I crashed and burned and I cried for two days (which is not my way). I know that I am very ET and that my mission is about our ET reunion. I realized that perhaps I was not as conscious of many of the events and my twin flame because I would have unquestionably chosen not to return. That night I took my 12 year old daughter and I opened my eyes slightly while she was being scanned and I saw a beautiful silvery blue light around her body. She has no conscious memory of the event. I do remember again moving up into the ship and being greeted by the Ashtar Command.

I believe I asked to return at least 4 times during the three days. Thank you for the opportunity to "return home". I look forward to conscious recall and to my day in the sun when our ET brothers and sisters are united with us in Love and Light here on Earth. Love and Light and Blessings to all of you.

Jan Mendoza


I just wanted to share another recollection from the Voyage 2. In my detailed explanation on page 5 (above) I related seeing a Tin Man/Humanoid blue gray being with such eyes of love that I melted. My twin flame, Alief, who is currently with Ashtar, related in a channeling that that being was in fact my beloved step- father, George Perlman who made his transition exactly 8 years ago. I was told he was in the story book costume for three purposes: one to remind me to suit up in the blue/gray titanium shield this year for protection; two to remind me of the 'heart' connection we have (the Tin Man wanted a heart); and three because to see him out of costume would have blown my circuits!

Just another confirmation that our Voyage was overwhelmingly meaningful

Jan Mendoza 

Inside spaceship

During the trip I got an impression of a circular reception area (or such) and I was stood on the floor above looking over a balcony? There were people coming and going. To my right the hallway seemed to curve and the carpet and walls appeared to be blue.

A friend of mine who did the meditation with another group said he saw a much smaller spacecraft than he thought it would have been and it had a dome on the top. This seems to fit with my reception area. He also said he had a blue interior but lighter in colour to mine.

A few weeks later in a meditation I got an image of the curving hall again but with another hall going off to the right and then another hall going around what would be the outer edger of the craft. My room was the first to the left - normal motel room except that the inner wall was not a wall but rather a hologram of space with planets etc.

I still don't feel that I actually did it however have reported in my impressions so far - please let me know if this correlates with anything anyone else has had.

Love and Light, Wendy Ragg

Stranger on Voyage & real life!

When I was in Sedona, AZ at a 13th Octave workshop on Dec. 11-13; on the 13th when I voyaged to the "13th Octave" at some point it was as if I was in a large room and I viewed a tall dark haired male; he looked slightly lost. I knew he was a 'real' person but I knew I hadn't met him before.

Last Wednesday night I began a class called "ET Reality"; a positive ET gathering. There were 3 students: myself, my voyaging friend Sharon and ....that very dark haired man. The interesting part for your purposes was that he was in Sedona the weekend before and was given the Ashtar Voyage directions by someone. He said he did the voyage but was not sure he was successful because he had no way of knowing and had no conscious memories. He was amazed that I saw him which must mean that stopped by on the ship on my way back from the 13th Octave.

My twin flame Alief confirmed in a channeling that I was on the Ashtar Ship he is currently on and that I visit very frequently and am very physical.

Luckily, he likes my physical form.....



Community Room

I chose to take my voyage on the evening of the 8th. I was tired from work, which wasn't too helpful, I'm sure, and I hadn't memorized the steps, which may have been helpful also, but I still got there.

Initially, I was moving along with a group of other people down a curved wide hallway, like a "guide tour". Then I opened a door which went into what I was told later, was a "community room" a break room, for the members of the crew. I was also in the "bridge", or command center of the ship for a while, it seemed that Ashtar was showing me the view of space, and telling me some things. Then I was back with the group again. I was told by Ashtar that I could visit any time I liked, my energy body/double was available.

I had some really strange dreams through th night, but none I could really remember. That was all I could remember, at least so far. I did check some of the info with my guides the net day to clarify where I had been when I had opened the door to the community room as well as some other questions I had about the experience.

In Love and Light , Alarah

Legion of Angels

Had a great trip to the ship! Thanks so much for all your work and efforts.

A nice friend there with AC showed me around. Was kinda phasing in and out of consciousness, but these experiences will get clearer and more stable soon.

Silver & white uniforms, lots of folks there chatting in 10 forward (smile).

Very nice, seems to have raised my physical vibrations noticeably. Will be going back to visit again. We got a chance to talk about the Legion of Angels and how we've been doing with that, there are alot of really interesting things going on it seems.......

Very strong vibration tuning to the symbol, it was really powerful.

Thanks again!! Love & Light :) Debra

Lots of Fun

I am writing from my desk near Mt. Shasta, CA. U.S.A. I would like to share a bit of experience I had on the ship. I did not consciously go there, I went to sleep for several hours during my voyage.

Nevertheless, when I woke up the next morning, I had a feeling that I really did go on the ship. I had some memory of entering in a very large ship, walking through a wide but short tunnel and being received by a wonderful tall being of about 7 feet, all dressed in white with brown eyes and a gentle smile who led me to a very big reception room. The room was circular and very spacious and elegant. The floor and walls were white with beautiful and elaborate flower arrangements. Very large and tall pillars were gracing the room in several areas. There appeared to be several hundred persons present, mostly cosmic beings and ascended masters who were greeting the newcomers.

It was like a very elaborate reception room where several tables were offering all kinds of gourmet foods for the "earthly visitors". I was received in love and grace. I was given the impression that my presence there was much appreciated. People were sitting in small groups with the Ascended Masters and other cosmic beings. The earthly visitors were given a lot of love and attention and were treated very royally. It seems that there were more of them than of "us" earthlings and that each one of us was surrounded by many beings of the higher realms. I cannot remember any specific conversation but when I came back, I had the feeling that I had a lot of fun and could not stop laughing to myself. That "fun" feeling stayed with me for almost 3 days. I came back with the feeling of having been "nurtured" and given a large dose of divine joy.

A friend of mine did go "consciously" as she is fully clairvoy and and clairaudient and she remembers much more details of her trip than I do. She even remembers a conversation she had with Lord Sananda. She said that she saw me there and I was wearing a beautiful pink gown with green in it. She also had more of the same remembrance about the room as I did. She also said that she was taken to a place on the ship that was like a boat with a big bottom glass. From that place, she said that she could see "everything" that is going on, on this planet. She said it is amazing how they can see every little detail everywhere on the planet at the same time.

I am greateful to all those who have made this possible. I AM joyous in the Light.

Aurelia Louise Jones

Played Games

I went on the Voyage Tuesday night Dec 8th. I woke up the next morning feeling as if I had been awake for 4 or 5 days - very tired. On Thursday I had a brief recall. There was a group of us maybe 5 or 6 people playing a game like volleyball or similar to volleyball. Now Soltec until you recently described yourself on the ACC site, I think it was you I had talked to. In my recall the background was a bright white like light itself but we all were playing this game ( again, I think it was volleyball?) I turned and asked a person who was about 5'5" or 5'6" 175 lb. or so, who had a dark beard, what this woman's name was on the other side or other team, she was dark headed. and I recall you ( or this person like my description) said her name was "Lopez" and I assume this is the woman's last name. The only other images were of some crustaceans( like lobsters) in a water like tank - because we picked up a couple out of their tanks to look at them?

That's it so far

love and light, Dana

Ashtar's Bonnet

Here a summary of my voyage in the luminous ship of Ashtar...

During my escapade, in Being completely conscious, I was invited to sit myself at the large oval table of the room of command that Ashtar chaired... It was a large room with large panoramic bays around on space... A certain moment, Ashtar presented nicely Soltec to me,sitting opposite me...By a rapid glance,I also could see Sananda,upright in a corner of the room... He raised the glance at the same time on me and greeted me of an gesture of the Head... Ashtar asked me in saying to me that he would like to hear my wife Chantal to speak..Then,My wife started a small speech on what she wished to say and Ashtar and Sananda after having listened to her, agreed with the head...

Then, Ashtar turned to me and a large flash of energy strongly touched me...

Next he proposed to me to wear his bonnet, and whereas I wondered why, he insisted and I thus taken the bonnet that he held out me to put it on my head... He says to me to keep it a few moments... what I did obviously... Then I returned the bonnet, whereas Ashtar required of me with insistence to agree to stay with them, in the light ship... And this time, I accepted... A little after,he let me return in my terrestrial physical body... What I kept of this experiment, it is the presence, from time to time,of my multidimensional body of the light ship, which I see around me on Earth...

One explained me that it was in the ship of light, even if I perceived it near to me, and éffectively, by his eyes when it appears I manage to perceive pieces of the decor of light ship... I also remember that I quickly could foresee my room of white light on the light ship with a bed and especially a large window of the shape of eye on space and stars... Magnificent panorama!... I also could ask Ashtar the following question , if there were gray (or what resembles to them)in the ship of light, for my wife ensured me to have seen some grays in the interior.And he answered me that they were some times in visit on board...

In Love and light, Tielnec Sheran (cosmique)

Love and light

We had a fabulous experience, each one in the group feeling, sensing, smelling and seeing some things similar, and some things different. We did a little sharing after the event, and since, we keep each other posted if we re-member anything else! Our group gathered on Dec. 9 and there were 8 physically present. The collective memory at that point in time was speeding through the what felt like the galaxy - deep blue with lots of silver twinkling lights, arriving and being engulfed in immense love and light, remembrance of beings of light surrounding us, a feeling of safety, comfort, joy and peace. Also, receiving healing and clearing of our bodies.

Love, Light and Blessings - Namaaste! Purvin.

Physical sensations

I wrote this after my attempt to visit the ships. Even though I have no clear recollection of anything spectacular I do have some physical symptoms that indicate something happened. Like right now my shoulders are sore as if exercising. I feel like I have a lump in my throat now. But the following was immediately afterwards. Would love to know if anyone else experienced anything similar! All in all it was very interesting I look forward to recalling more of the experience.

The voyage

I went through the directives as instructed but just when I asked the lords of manifestation to take my snap shot, the clock in my room seemed unbearably loud as it clicked out the seconds. I asked them to wait while I removed the clock. Then I resumed my position and relaxed. I felt a lot of tingling around my head and neck. Especially my neck. That lingered for a long time. Then I started feeling sensation in other parts of my body. Sort of waves of energy. The funny thing is that everytime I felt a wave My computer monitor would crackle. I had turned off the computer but the monitor stays on in energy saver mode. Anyway, once I got used to the crackle every time. I relaxed some more. Felt pressure on my chest. Then warmth down my whole body. I visualized the symbol which seemed to take a life all its own. It would shoot up towards me and then down around me, I would be sort of half in and half out. So I tried harder to focus. Mind you all this was very amusing to me. I felt sort of wavy but still in my body. I was able to really focus for a minute on the symbol. It grew in front of me. The center was not really a white kind of light though. It was starry then a dark clearness. When I stepped through it was like stepping into crystal. There was a sense of motion, like rushing through a crystal tunnel. Then my mind drifted, to people I knew in this life, amusing situations, then focus would return here to my present. My body felt heavy and tingly. I felt very present here so I tried to go through the symbol again. Again it was like dark clear crystal. I briefly remember trying to visualize the ship. I saw great light I spoke to someone. Then I was back again all tingly all over. My nose kept itching. Little annoying flickers like a feather. So then I asked for Lord Sananda to help me integrate my new energies with Christ Consciousness. When I rose I had the strongest urge to smoke that I've had since I quit a little over a week ago. Now my chest is itching. Oh one other thing I did notice a popping in my sinuses and that area too is now itching. And I'm very hungry though I was quite full when I began. Hmm very interesting. Total lapse time about an hour and 15 mins. Didn't seem that long.

Love and Light Illumin8u

Ascended Masters in hall

Today it is an absolute magnificent day for me - because yesterday i do my voyage to the lightship. this was so a great experience for me and therefore i am glad to tell you about this. as you have surely detected, my english is not the best and so i hope i can all explain in a way you can understand ;-D

At first when i passed the spinning portal, i thought there was a group of beings waiting for me, but very fast i recognize, that there was only one and the face i see was my own. than i had some very nice pictures in me: i saw me standing on a great and wonderful meadow and than walking through corridors.

After a while, i was guided in a very large hall, i remember big christals and beautyful warm an bright light. suddenly there is standing an old man (he seemed to be many thousand years old). in that moment i see this man, i knew that this was my familie. inside of me i felt deep and marvelous strong love and it was a feeling like being at home. this experience was so great, that tears are running on my face.

We walked a little while together an than we came in another large hall. here are all the other people doing there voyage to the ships. all was full of this people, their families and spiritual guides. than we sat down and i recognice some of the ascended masters an in the middle of the hall there was standing sananda. sanande take a watch in the round and coverd us all with light and love. every one of us will be wellcomed personally from sananda and when he stand in front of me, watching me in the eyes, there was this wonderfull feeling of love again. all cells of my body and also my mind felt to be loved and accepted.

After this it was time for me to go back and slowly i returned.

I am so unspeakable happy to find this mailing-list, to get the informations about the voyage and to have the possibility to do my own voyage. im am in love with you all and i sent all of you a little warm light beam.


Went on mission

Ok. here's what I experienced... It seems to have been a dream , but a floating city did appear in it, so it could have been my experience upon the ship (Hard to tell at times..)...

First I saw the floating city from the outside - it looked as if there was a smaller city that was docking with it. I think I was involved in some sort of mission that meant that I had to go to the surface (It was hovering above a cliff-face on the shore. 'twas very stormy - you should have seen the waves!) and help out with fixing the cliffs (they were eroding and close to collapse) and with anchoring the city to the ground. I also saw some kind of holding zone for people who had broken the city's "laws". It was quite large, and I can remember that we travelled through the area on a moving platform that seemed to hover above the ground.

Next sequence had me in an office building. There were two people in the foyer dressed in almost a military / navy manner.One seemed to be the concierge, the other a security guard. I walked up to the concierge and remarked about how the building must be new because I hadn't seen it before. He said "No. We're just finished renovations."..

I managed to get upstairs to a floor where there was some sort of college. I asked if I could join in one of the classes, but was told that you had to be already studying. Somehow I managed to join a class anyway...

That's all I have for now - I don't know if I was on the ship or not at this stage :)

My infinite love to you all


Azarus Ankh'aa / Joel Cocks

Jumping weirdly

I only remember some of it. There was a big reception line and then a hall full of people. People were saying hello and had gifts in their hands. I visited a little and then Ashtar took me up these stairs to this room with a big window looking out on the galaxy. I don't know why but I started jumping in this wierd weightless manner, almost like I was a part of the star system outside (no wonder he always smiles when I see him...I must be wierd as heck). When I stopped (thank God) he took me to this screen and showed me the earth. She had this wierd vibration coming from her, very erratic and red energy in some places. I then felt the love vibration and started being a conduit for it to go through me from the erratic one to the love one. I said that I wanted to hold this open in my body so it would continue as long as necessary but they said that my body could not hold it and it would wear on it so I built and energetic channel for it and it will be held by my higher self on an energetic level. I think he adopted me because he started calling me Mylordian Ashtar though I have never thought that we were related like that before and when I said so he just chuckled (probably thought I would do that wierd jumping thing again....) It felt like this was a gift kinda thing or a compliment. We then went back towards the downstairs and I fell asleep. Today I am dead tired. Probably all of that jumping!!

Love, Katie


I wanted to share my experences in the hope that someone will find the information of use. I sat down to meditate late on Sunday night, early Monday morning. I then went through the proceedures for the voyage, then relaxed and tried to focus on the symbol. It was then that I felt a warm tingling sensation start in my feet and slowly move up towards my head. I assumed the scan had started. I have to say that I found it to be very pleasant, and very relaxing. I was trying hard to focus on the symbol, and then I heard voices talking and laughing. They were kidding with me about how anxious I was to take the voyage, since I started a little after midnight. That helped me feel at ease. :) But I was still having problems focusing on the symbol, so I asked for assistance on opening the portal.I then saw the spinning symbol and after that fell into a deep sleep. The next thing,( around 5:30 am ) I remember was going back throught the portal and seeing written in front of me "2P+P" I somehow knew that this had to relate to a physics equation on electrons and protrons that I had studied last in high school, 15 years ago. Im not sure why this was the case, and if anyone has any guesses, I would be happy to hear your ideas. It did shock me enough that I remembered it though. Beyond that I have no recall as of yet. But the physcial feeling that the experence left me with is amazing. I feel like they opened my chakras and allowed me the opportunity to feel what the sensation of being filled with love and light. Its amazing and I have never experenced it on this level before, or the energy flow that I feel. It is still with me as of today. That is all that I can recall on it to this point, but as I remember more I will post it. I hope you all have as an enlightening experence as I did.

Love and Light to all of you, Kevin aka Maheengun

Botanical area

Ever since the voyage, I have had my sleep pattern even more disrupted than it used to be (sometimes going to bed at 6 or 7 pm and sleeping through 'til morning, or waking up at 3am or so and knowing that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep), etc. And, the tired feelings persist. Yesterday (Sat.), I almost fell asleep over dinner. (But I hadn't done anything physical during the day that would have tired me out that much.) Has anybody else noticed that their energy seems "different" since the voyage?

Anyway, my voyage memories.

I was met by Zartana and escorted to our (we were all there) "welcome aboard" party. From what I remember, after the first party, we really didn't see much of each other unless we were "working" or touring the same place.

I spent my time on a ship that I was told is called Peace Star 1. When I asked it's location I "saw" that we were just off the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula.

At one point, I was taken into a room that had a central console in it. When I asked what the console did, I was told to put my hand, palm down, on a panel. When I did, a beautiful hologram of the Earth appeared. There were patterns of light and darkness over the whole surface. I Knew that these were showing where the light (lightworkers) and darkness were located. I remember that the area around the Middle East was the least lighted area on the planet. When I moved my hand to a golden area on the console panel, the golden web of light around the whole planet lit up. It was beautiful. There were other colored panels on the console that I think I was able to access but I don't have any conscious memories of what they showed (at least not yet).

I was also in a beautiful botanical area. I was walking with a companion and remarking on the vast variety of plants and flowers that were there. It was a delightful mixture of things from planets all over the solar system. There was one flower in particular that I remember that was a deep, cobalt blue. The petals were all closed but, when we came back later (during the "night" in that area) the flower had opened up and was glowing a beautiful light blue color. When the petals were touched, the flower emitted a faint musical tone.

As we were walking along a path in the area, I thought I saw a small shape moving among the plants. When I asked, I was told that it was a Quindalon (pronounced Kin-da-long) and that it was an extremely shy creature. I got down on my knees and tried coaxing it to come over so that I could see it. I remember having some colored shapes (food pellets of some sort) in my hand. After some coaxing, the creature came out from its hiding place. It didn't have any legs. I was told that it glides along on a cushion of air. It was about 18 inches long, and completely furry (very soft, like rabbit fur). It's shape reminded me of a large squirrel tail. By that, I mean that it looked very soft and furry but with no distinguishable head (just one long, furry tail shape [worm shape?]). It was yellow, with a green stripe down its center from front to back. When it was petted, colors flowed down it's body.

I have some bits of memories of being in a classroom and some other areas, but nothing concrete about what was going on there.

I'm enjoying reading about everyone's memories and hope that, as our memories surface, that we will continue to share what happened to us.

Love and Light to you all, Natira

Must have been good

Since several of you have started this, I guess I will come out of lurking to put in my two cents worth. When I awakened from my meditation I felt nothing different. I got up, decided to go back into meditation and see if I could remember anything. No luck. Then I realized that the memory probably wouldn't surface until after everyone has gone (just a feeling I had). I went to the office and started to work and began having a very noticable tingle in my chin, which then moved to my chest, and occasionally into my shoulders. I had been wondering if I went after all until this. The tingling was pretty intense and must be a great deal of energy assimilating. Well, no more doubts here. I don't yet remember what happened, but it must have been good! :-)

Love and light, Mike

I feel different

My voyage experiences - I can't say very much indeed......except that I was not aware of anything for about 2,5 hours and I know I was not here.......

I remember flashes of occurances....images......smells.........noices.....but nothing more.....and I watch so much science fiction I am afraid of what was real and what was fantasy.............

I know I was there..........I don't doubt that.........and for now I am not to remember then that is fine....I accept....when I am supposed to remember I will, it is enough for me to know I was there....but then, it is not the first time and won't be the last........

I have different vibrations in my body and I 'feel' different...........I know I am different........

At least my guides are still the same.....but I have had different guides present when working on a client......

I was hoping more would come back to me as I meditated on this experience....but nothing I accept what is and say thank you to the Masters.......

Well, that is all I can report for now..........

Love and light, Niyija

Learned how to fly

For some weeks now I have been following the list and learning much through the group effort of love and light that is blatantly flowing through this list and thus all you. At this time I'm reading the various experiences that the 'voyage' has produced within us all and with each experience I read a broader smile seems to stream across my face. As part of the group effort I feel I should put my bit in as this is why I write.

On Sunday evening about (about 8:00pm) I settled myself and went into meditation but due to a 'heavy' day at work I felt a bit tired and as such my concentration wasn't up to much.....just as my mind begins to wonder in meditation I get a strong sensation from my inner-voice telling me to lie down and take a quick nap....first I think otherwise because I've been looking forward to the voyage but in the end I give in due to the persistence of this voice (or feeling)....I lay down for a few minutes (my ears still buzzing from my brief meditation) and then I feel a subtle raising of vibration...this continues for some time until the buzzing noise is VERY high-pitched....then the noise begins to resemble soothing melodies....I might also add that although I was still aware of my physical body I had no control over it, "dead weight" would be an adequate description.

On with the I'm hearing these melodies and feeling these vibrations I begin to see the Sun shining bright in the sky...this made me think because it was dark when I went into this point I get a feeling of knowingness that instructs me that time doesn't matter as I've now left 'Earth time' and as such anything goes (so to speak).....As I carry on rising through this beautiful Sunlit and very calming sky I see a very large formation of clouds...these also look extra special and again I get that knowingness that these clouds are either ships, cities or some other form of higher dimensional energy...anyhow it seems I'm making a b-line for them in any case......I don't recall entering but I do recall someone telling me about the Pleides and that I have alot of LOve there.....then I'm told part of my mission is to write, another scene switch takes place and I'm in my home learning how to fly I mean learning to navigate my body (light-body perhaps?) as if it were weightless..had much fun doing this (laughing). Alot went on while I was in my home enviroment.......some of it was fear-based and as such I realise I still got some 'issues' to one point I turned on the light in my hallway and the bulb had gone, when I went to the front door I sighted an empty lightbulb-box (don't ask me?) this point I woke up.

I had been sleeping (?) for over an hour even though in the other state it seemed much longer. When I awoke my whole 'being' was on fire, I felt very energetic....very charged! Thoughts of every kind started wizzing through my head I ended up just sitting there for 4 hours in silence with all these thoughts constantly flowing through my being...intense doesn't describe it, I knew something was afoot because its a rare occurence that keeps me set still for 4 hours *s*. Of course the next day when Mr Logical thinking mind started to try to interpret it I began to believe I just had a good dream...and a pretty vivid one at that but as I write this now and get it out of my system I'm thinking otherwise.

Well thats it...just thought I had to share it...nothing too spectacular but I enjoyed it all the same.....and one more thing the day after the above encounter I switched on my hallway light and guess what?...the bulb blown as soon as I touched the switch (?) I figure someones trying to tell me its time I put a new ligHT in this old socket. *s*

LOve and ligHT Cansa

It was real!

I went on the Voyage Tuesday night (12/8), but I have not had the pleasure of remembering anything yet! But the coolest part was that I stayed totally awake while my "3-D blueprint" was gone on the ships! I saw beautfiul colors come in before I went, then a tugging at the right side of my head. I felt like I was being pulled out of my body, but I wasn't afraid. My body felt like lead (I couldn't move) and I felt TOTALLY protected!!! I was gone for about an hour. I felt very detached from my body, but I was awake and my 'mind' of course was babbling, as usual. Then I felt my eyelids blink, and I could move again. My arms had gone totally 'asleep' and it took me awhile before I could move fully again. I was actually very happy that I stayed awake because then I was certain that it worked! It was real!!

I'm really looking forward to hearing what others experienced to see if it helps me to remember something.

In Love & Light, Diana